Thursday, January 10, 2019

Whose got the herb when I'm dry? Who's got the Bluedream, I like? by Juliana @manyblankets

My husband's antler collection. 

Outside my living room window in Southern Colorado 2018
Dear Reader,

I survived the holidays but I caught a cold that turned into walking pneumonia. I'm still coughing at night but I feel lots better.

I'm listening to books on Audible and I love it. I can put on my Bluetooth headphones and listen while I work on downsizing my house.

I'm rereading books on writing and reading non-fiction books by Michelle Obama and journalists writing about the current condition of the country.

I'm also revising my novel after giving myself a long break from writing. I opened the notes from my dear friend who edited and critiqued it for me and realized I have work to do.

Never give up. Finish what you start. Believe in your characters and story. I'm honing my craft. I am looking forward to moving chapters around and killing my darlings. My original story idea made me do crazy things for the sake of being funny. I decided to take it more seriously and just tell the story.

I'm also stocking up on books by some of the Stiletto Gang and looking forward to reading or listening to the ladies mysteries.

I've been blessed with a wonderful family and friends and pets who adore me.

My comadres Maria Melendez Kelson and Aimee Medina Carr

Check out Aimee's blog and hear about her novel River of Love coming in Sept. 2010

Back to work. Until next time. Keep reading. Keep writing.

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