Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Spirit of the Season

By Lynn McPherson

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Today is a great day for everyone to take time and reflect on what is important in life. Regardless of whether or not one believes in the religious origins of Christmas, we are all given the opportunity on this day to slow down. With almost every store and service closed, it is a perfect time to focus on family and friends. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of a busy life. Luckily, we have this special day to take pause and look around to appreciate what we have.

Some of my favorite things to do on Christmas are activities I rarely seem to have time for these days. Board games like Monopoly or Risk—those that can take hours to play—suddenly seem appealing. And who can resist a classic game of family charades? With turkey in the oven, it is the perfect time to challenge your favourite family members to a game.

Then there is the big meal. Will there be enough gravy? Can we manage to make it thick enough to please everyone? Inevitably, each cook in the kitchen will have advice on every aspect of the complicated meal. Last but not least, who is going to carve the turkey? How much butter can those potatoes withstand?

Each family seems to have traditions that they follow. My wee ones have taken to the idea that Santa should be given some healthy snack options along with his cookies. We have left out guacamole with whole grain tortilla chips now for three years running. They are proud to tell their aunts and uncles that they are helping to keep Santa healthy and happy. Do you have any family traditions that you would like to share?

Please take the day to enjoy whatever makes you happy. Quiet or loud, busy or relaxed, I hope you have a wonderful and memorable holiday season with those you love.

Cheers to all,

Lynn McPherson has worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, ran a small business, and taught English across the globe. She has travelled the world solo where her daring spirit has led her to jump out of airplanes, dive with sharks, and learn she would never master a surfboard. She now channels her lifelong love of adventure and history into her writing, where she is free to go anywhere, anytime. Her cozy series has two books out: The Girls' Weekend Murder and The Girls Whispered Murder.  


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