Monday, February 20, 2012

The Spirit Moves Me

By Evelyn David

Excuse me.

This blog is a bit all over the place, but I assure you that it's all connected – though maybe just in my head.

Fellow Stiletto Gang member and person extraordinaire, Maggie Barbieri, has been raving about the positive effects of acupuncture. Intellectually, I've always believed that there is value in alternative medicine, especially in conjunction with traditional Western treatment. For the past six months, my normal level of general anxiety has been inching up, impacting on my daily life. Plus I have a litany of other small physical ailments that have also begun to take a toll. So I made an appointment with the acupuncturist.

In the middle of the Big Apple, with buses and trucks roaring by, horns honking, people crowding the sidewalks, on the ninth floor of a skyscraper, there is this tiny oasis of peace. Quiet except for the trickle of a small fountain, I felt calm just walking into the waiting room. Quite the contrast to my normal blood pressure spike when I enter a doctor's office.

The acupuncturist was as kind and gentle as Maggie had promised. I have but two things to say about the treatment. First, the needles don't hurt, not even a little bit, not even a smudge. Second, I had listened with a whole lot of doubt as the therapist explained the basic underlying concept of acupuncture, with the emphasis on what each of the organs of the body do to our "chi." She described how our liver and kidneys hold the key to anxiety and that she would be placing needles on my back above each of the organs. But to my shock, about halfway through the treatment, I could feel a current going down each leg. I imagined it was my anxiety passing out of my system. There was no electricity attached to the needles, it was simply the sensation I was feeling.

Now let me add another layer to the whole experience. The acupuncturist placed the needles and explained that she would leave the room and wait in the hallway, but would come back in ten minutes. To my surprise, she never left. At the end of the treatment, she asked if I prayed to a female version of God. I said I didn't (all those years of religious school has left an indelible impression of a male figure). She apologized and explained that she strongly felt the spirit of motherhood in the room and it told her not to leave.

I was somewhat confused, but feeling so good, that I immediately made an appointment for another visit. I felt like I was finally taking control of getting back to me.

As soon as I described the experience to my husband, he started to laugh and then immediately, so did I. Of course, there was a spirit of motherhood in the room. Hasn't she always been there to protect me even if she has been gone from this earth for 23 years? My mother's spirit has visited me twice since she died, both times to make sure that I was alright. Surely she would be there (and approve) of my taking a course of action to feel stronger, more in control.

I know I write paranormal mysteries, and joke constantly with the Southern half of Evelyn David, about not believing all this woo-woo stuff. What I do believe in is the power of the original Evelyn – my Mom who has never let a little thing like death stop her from protecting her child, even if this child is now a Grandma!

May you all find peace.



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  1. How beautiful! I knew you'd like acupuncture. :-) When I'm "needled" a lot of stuff goes on, both in my head, and in the atmosphere around me. I think part of it is the quiet that we bring to the experience, something that avowed talkers like me and you, Evelyn, rarely have time to experience in daily life. As we've discussed, even if acupuncture just means one hour a week to quiet the interior talking and be at peace, it's worth it, right? And "person extraordinaire"? I'm getting tee shirts made up right now with that on the front. Maggie

  2. Thanks Maggie, aka Person Extraordinaire :-)

    I found myself in a couple of stressful situations this weekend and was surprised (delighted!) that my anxiety was much reduced.


  3. Evelyn ,

    This post really resonated with me. I am going through a lot of health problems and not finding any help I'm western medicine. Accupunture is something I have thought about trying frequently. I live on Long Island and would be interested in getting the name of your Accupunturist because I want someone who comes recommended. If I send you my email would you share the info with me?

    I was also very touched by the spirit of your Mom watching over you!