Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next Up, Something Different

My next book is going to be a departure from my usual mystery. It's a story I wrote long ago that was inspired by a family tragedy.

My son-in-law, who inspired me to write about law enforcement, was killed in the line of duty. Some things happened right after he was killed that made us all realize that his spirit might still be around.

As time went on, I decided to write a story based on some of what happened. Of course the characters are different, and the outcome as well. In some ways, I think the writing was a way of helping me through the loss of a young man I loved like a son.

(I have to mention that this was a horribly difficult time for my daughter who lost her husband of 15 years and had three young boys to raise on her own. This is not her story, though I borrowed a lot from what happened after she lost her husband. The fictional story grew out of her experience of course--but it is fictional.)

I wrote that book long ago and it appeared only as an e-book. After several years, I broke my relationship with that particular publisher. After I signed on with Oak Tree Press for my Rocky Bluff P.D. series, the publisher asked if I had any older books I'd like to put on Kindle. One of the books I gave her was Lingering Spirit. She fell in love with the story.

This year she asked if she could turn it into a trade paperback. Of course I said yes. So in June, I'll have a romance with a touch of the supernatural coming out.

Honestly, I'm surprised by the turn of events. It'll be quite different to be promoting a romance.



  1. It sounds terrific. I'll be on the look-out for it =).

  2. Thanks, Zita. I hadn't read it for a long time and when I was going over the proofs, the beginning made me cry.

  3. Wow, Marilyn, what a beautiful story and tribute to your son in law, and what a great turn of events with your book. Congratulations!

  4. This book sounds very interesting. I'm going to have to have a copy.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  5. What pretty cover art, Marilyn! And what a great story. I'm sure you'll touch plenty of readers' hearts with this one.