Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Sanctuary

Last night we attended our church's Christmas party. What a great time. It was held at a gal’s house who lives farther up in the mountains, off the main road, over the river and round several curving roads. Nearly every adult who attends our church was there. As all good Baptists do, everyone brought tons of good food.

After eating we played a crazy game that we play every Christmas. Everyone brings a wrapped tree ornament. Numbers are handed out. The first person picks a package to open and displays the ornament. The next person can steal that ornament or open another, and so it goes. Where the actions comes in is the stealing of the ornaments because there are always some that people like better than others.

We had a guest last night who doesn’t attend our church. Unfortunately for her, she kept unwrapping the most prized ornaments which were then promptly stolen. Her gem of a remark was, “Lutherans don’t act like this.” (She was kidding, of course.)

What does this have to do with the title of this blog? My next book coming out is from my other series, and it’s called No Sanctuary. It’s about two churches, two ministers and their wives and of course, murder. I thought having the book launch at my church would be perfect but wasn’t sure how the church council would feel about that because of the subject matter. My son-in-law, the pastor, had no problem, but I knew I needed to run it by those who decide such matters. Since I knew they’d all be at the party, this is where I approached them.

They all said it would be fine. Of course the event will be in the fellowship hall, not the sanctuary, and it won’t be on Sunday. I’ll serve food–anything Baptist needs to have food attached–and it certainly will be a pleasant affair.

Now, going back to holiday celebrations, the next celebrating my husband and I will be doing is dinner out with my critique group and whoever they want to bring, husbands or significant others. We also do this every year and I’m looking forward to merely socializing with my writer friends–who by the way are of several faiths.

Again, I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season, no matter how or what you are celebrating, just remember to connect with your friends and enjoy your family.



  1. As for Catholics, we would totally act like that.

    Congratulations on the new book, Marilyn!

    And I want every single detail about the food that gets served at the next book party.


  2. Ditto for Jews. We travel on our stomachs! :-)

    More details on the food please...and which ornament did you give and which did you end up with?


  3. Okay, food at the party:

    Miniature quiches, cold meats and cheeses, all sorts of dips and chips, smoked salmon and crackers,can't remember what else, the table was heaped with food, for dessert, there was homemade fudge (that's what I had), cakes, pies.

    The ornament I ended up with was a cute angel--but my husband got a moose on a stocking--which is the one I wanted and he waited till the third steal to take it (then the ornament is yours and no more stealing.)

    The ones we took matched, a beautiful deep purple ball with many facets so it glittered in the light and a stocking with the same glittering facets.



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