Thursday, December 13, 2018

How I Learned the Hard Way by Juliana Aragon Fatula

This week I taught  my Bridging Borders students how to write poetry. I'm a poet and I know it. I'm a good poet. Maybe even a great poet. But I'm not yet a great mystery writer. I had to learn the hard way how much work, effort, determination, and skill the great writers, the master writers use to write a great mystery.

Well, I finished my first draft. Bah humbug. It stinks. That's okay. My first meatloaf tasted like shoe leather. Today I'm a great cook. This I know. Like my mother, I know how to make tamales, etc. etc. etc.

I just stole that from the King and I. Ha.

So I did the brave thing writers must do and I submitted my manuscript to a wonderful writer who I trust and admire to read and give me feedback. And she did. She did an incredible job and I owe her big time for her experience and wisdom. I am proud to be her mentee. I have several great master writer friends. That's what gives me an advantage. I learn from my master writer friends and I know when I've not written a great book but instead a good book. It's a great main character that everyone loves and wants more of. But my skills in writing my story need to be fine tuned, like an instrument. I must learn to play solo without my teachers.

I'm prepared to do the work. I've resolved myself to this task. It's my new bucket list. I mean we're all dying, right. Someday I'll fly high in the sky with a bird and I want to leave my words behind. My great words. Not my good words.

In truth, I'm blessed with a great husband and great son who love me and I'm spoiled with technology. Some of this tech stuff, I don't even know how to use, but I'm learning something new everyday. I put on my beats blue tooth headphones, turn on audio books, select a good book, and listen to a digital book.

It's fascinating. I fall asleep with the book going and have to rewind what I missed while I'm sleeping. I've read a few great books already and I'm on my way to writing reviews of these great books, just give me time to adjust to my new attitude. I appreciate all of you readers who want to read my poems, watch my facebook cooking videos, and who attend my workshops and readings at bookstores. I love you. Keep reading, writing, and mastering the art of being a writer.

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  1. Can't wait to read the book when you deem it great.... know you will put the work in to make it even better than that.