Monday, April 2, 2012

The Clock is Ticking

By Evelyn David

This week is BIG!

Today our new mystery, Zoned for Murder, has been published in all e-book formats. It's the first book of a new series, The Sound Shore Times Mysteries. Join us for the exciting new adventure we've created. Zoned for Murder has a killer story, compelling characters, and humor to make you laugh out loud.

Here's a quick synopsis. Former Newsweek reporter Maggie Brooks has two kids, a dead husband, a mortgage to pay, and a lot of competition when she tries to get back into the shrinking newspaper business. Landing a job with a local paper, she's bored to tears covering bake sales and Little League games. But when a developer tries to build an outlet mall in a neighboring town, what starts out as potentially a great clip for her resume, suddenly turns dangerous and ugly. Someone will do anything to block the mall's construction. Dirty money, nasty politics, and shady land deals abound as Maggie pursues the scoop that might jumpstart her career. When murder is added to the mix, she realizes that meeting her deadline might be the last thing she ever does. Read Maggie's byline as she rebuilds her career, dips her toes into a shark-filled dating pool, and investigates a small New York town Zoned for Murder.

Jean Rigod, avid mystery reader and reviewer, got a sneak peek at Zoned For Murder, and thrilled us when she wrote: What I truly loved about this new series was its complete believability. Maggie rings true as a reporter, friend, mother, and romantic interest.

We're doing a blog tour this week and spreading the word far and wide that Evelyn David's got the goods that will intrigue you, delight you, and make you want to know what happens next to Maggie Brooks (and it's BIG in book two).

Along with all the book hoopla, this week is also BIG because on Friday, April 6, it's first Seder for the Northern half, Good Friday/Easter weekend for the Southern half. In other words, BIG holidays coming up too. So in addition to sharing the good news about Zoned for Murder, one half of this writing duo will be making (BIG) matzoh balls, while the other half is dyeing eggs. We create these worlds of murder and mayhem, but each of us also lives in real worlds of mayhem (no murder so far, but the Northern half gives fair warning that matzoh makes her reallllll cranky).

Stiletto Faithful, in honor of our new book and the upcoming holidays, please share your favorite Passover or Easter memories and traditions.

Marian, the Northern half of Evelyn David and the one making matzoh balls


Review -
"With a solid foundation at its mysterious core, Zoned for Murder offers fans of fast-paced, traditional mysteries everything they are looking for: strong characters, tight plotting, and a conclusion that left me stunned. If you like strong female protagonists with imagination and ingenuity to spare, look no further than Maggie Brooks, a small-town journalist with big-time investigative chops. Evelyn David has done it again with a mystery that touches on universal themes such as family, betrayal, and love." – Maggie Barbieri, author of The Murder 101 Mysteries


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  1. One of my favorite Easter traditions as a kid was Good Friday. My parents, Aunt Bert, and I, sometimes with a friend, would visit 7 churches with a final stop at the Broadway Market to get fresh bread, meats, horseradish, pussy willows and more! I'll never forget one time I found a dog in a church parking lot-we played and I got dog slobber all over my hands. So I cleaned the holy water font in the church!

  2. Thanks so much Katreader. LOVE the story of how you washed your hands from the dog slobber. Also love the tradition of going to seven churches (we used to do something similar on Yom Kippur, since it was such a long day and we'd walk from synagogue to synagogue).

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. My favorite Easter memories are of the huge suppers at my Grandmother's house after Church. All 16 of us cousins would be gathered, the boys giving he** to the girls. When we were seated at the "kids table" the boys would take peas and out them in our soda saying they were martinis (do you think our parents drank a little too much?!). LOL!

    My favorite Seder memory is when my friends invited me to their house to experience my first Seder.. I was in middle school, so I was about 13. I had no idea what to expect and was fascinated by all the traditions. I ate the bitter herbs and everyone laughed at me. They made sure I found some Matzoh so I got my $1! It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot about the Jewish faith that day.

    I would be thrilled to win a copy of Zoned for Murder. You can email me at:

  4. Dear KATREADER,

    I still visit three churches each Good Friday (I wonder who comes up with the numbers -three, seven, etc. . .) and I love seeing each one and how they do their Alter of Repose for the Blessed Sacrament. It is truly my favorite Holy Day of the year, thanks for bringing up such a special memory for me! Have a happy Easter!

  5. My Passover memories are bittersweet. Inevitably my Dad would tease my Mom for making "cannonballs," all the while we would all be scarfing them down-I'm talking about matzo ball soup, of course. I loved them. My mother was the glue that held the family together. Today we are spread out all over, and my parents are gone, but not from my memory-I miss them.

  6. Oh, I like your books-my email is in case I luck out :)


  7. Thanks Maureen for sharing your Easter and Passover memories! All best wishes for a happy holiday!

  8. Dear Lil, Like you, my parents are gone, but they're always with me in my memories. All best wishes for a Zissen Pesach!

  9. I love hearing about everyone's Easter and Passover memories. As a kid, it was the Easter Egg hunt and wearing our new outfits to church. Now we go to the Easter sunrise service at church, a breakfast afterwards--then the regular routine--teaching Sunday School and going to church. This year I'm having everyone over for beef stroganoff. Weird choice for Easter, I know, but was requested by one of my daughters.

  10. I always look forward to Good Friday--not for any religious reason---but because I was born on Good Friday many, many years ago so I always say I'm especially good because of it. HA

  11. Congrats on the new book. I am already enjoying it! My mother was a big fan of hiding Easter Eggs for my brother and I to find. The Easter Bunny was kind enough to hide specific colored eggs for me and different colors for my brother and leave a list of how many of each kind we were to find. (Our Easter Bunny was way more organized than I am.) Normally, we had no problem finding the Easter eggs, but one year there was an egg that eluded us. We searched for two hours before getting ready for church. We searched after coming home from church. The rest of the family who arrived for Easter dinner helped in the search. No luck. After dinner, Dad went into the family room to relax, sat down in a chair and we all heard a loud crunch. I guess we would have found the egg sooner had we all decided to give up looking and just take a seat!