Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stilettos, High Heels, Crocs

Despite being a part of the Stiletto Gang, I wince whenever I see an actual Stiletto. No, I've never had a pair.

Years ago, though, I did wear high heels everyday to work. Looking back I wonder how I did it. I had my first real job working as a file clerk for Pacific Bell in downtown L.A. To get there, I rode the bus, then the streetcar to 8th street, then I walked four blocks up hill to the office building.

Like everyone else back in that time period, besides the heels, of course I wore nylons (no pantyhose yet), and dresses.

At the job, we often sat on little stools to get into the bottom drawers to do our filing, what a trick with skirts. Nylons didn't last long either.

I even had high heels for leisure, cute sandals.

As I got older and had more kids, the high heels were saved for dress-up occasions and work. On and off I worked as a telephone operator, mostly in Oxnard while hubby was stationed there. Even though no customers ever saw us, we were required to wear nylons and dresses to work. And yes, I wore my high heels then, even when I was pregnant. Three times I worked at the phone company, got pregnant, worked until they wouldn't let me any longer, and left.

But, I digress. Back to the heels. I didn't feel dressed up unless I had on heels.

When we moved to where we live now and took over the residential care facility, I didn't wear heels while I was working with the ladies we cared for, but I wore them when we went to town, or I had to go to a meeting.

I did this for several years until I finally realized, I could still look fine with a nice pair of flat dress shoes. Now that's all I have--and they better be comfortable.

Really, since I'm now a great-grandmother there's not anyone I need to impress. You'll not find a single pair of high heels in my closet today.

Okay, big confessions of the day, do I still get to play with all you Stiletto Gang cuties?



  1. You're a great-grandma like me and we get to play with whomever we please.
    (no heels in my closet either)
    Giggles and Guns

  2. I'm working on a book and wearing old bedroom slippers. I may change to sneakers if I take a break for a walk. In the back of my closet I've got a few pairs of heels -- but I last under an hour in them, no matter how comfortable they seem in the store!

    Thanks for the great blog,

  3. I always get dressed every day before I do anything else--but you can be sure my shoes will be comfortable, no matter what the plan of the day might be.


  4. Right now, I'm in jammies and fuzzy flip-flops! I do love heels, but save them for special occasions. A long time ago, I had flats in every color. Now I wish I had them all back! People definitely don't dress up as much anymore, not for anything. I remember when my mother used to put my sister and me in dresses to fly on a plane to see my grandparents! I sort of miss gussying up for as many things; but then again, it's so much more comfortable to go casual!

  5. It's perfectly fine with me that you are not wearing heels to work anymore, provided it doesn't bother you that, now that the weather is fine, I will be wearing my Softmoc sandals to work. =)

  6. Flip flops are my stilettos! And if I'm dressing up, I'll go for the fun and funky, or the wedge heels. Actual stilettos, not so much!

  7. Anjali Kapoor-DavisMay 5, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    I'm catching up on emails after being out of town and just read your post. I have to laugh as I was wearing heels for the past 2 days when my normal footwear is sneakers or flip flops. The reason for the heels, I was in Sacramento meeting with various elected officials and their staff. It was a good opportunity to do some research on a story I'm working on but I'm not sure my feet or back will ever forgive me. It's been said that you have to have "thick skin" to be a politican (or a staffer), but I didn't realize that they meant the skin on my feet! : )

  8. Anjali, I hope you get a chance to soak those puppies now that you're home! High heels can be murder! ;-)