Sunday, January 8, 2017

Questions Answered

I admit it. I am the kid who put her homework off till Sunday night.

Not much has changed. Here it is Sunday night and I am typing away…

The hardest thing about blogs? What to write.

So this Sunday I asked for help. Thanks to my wonderful Facebook friends for their input—they had wonderful questions!

Why the 70s?

The 70s because it was a decade when things changed for women. And when things change for women, everything changes. Also, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about the CSI type stuff that makes my head hurt.

Favorite TV shows of the 70s? Favorites foods from the 70s?

My favorite show—The Carol Burnett Show. My favorite food—dill dip. That’s right, dill dip. Don't judge. My mother had it on the buffet at her parties and I ADORED it. Here’s the recipe:

1 cup sour cream.
1 cup Hellmanns Mayonnaise.
1 teaspoon seasoning salt.
2 tablespoons minced onion flakes.
2 -3 teaspoons dill weed.
2 tablespoons parsley flakes.

Do you have someone who double checks your writing to make sure you didn't inadvertently reference something that wasn't invented until after the 70s?

Funny you should ask, in Watching the Detectives, which releases this spring, I shifted history (I own up to it in the author’s note). Usually I check things myself but I do have an eagle-eyed editor who keeps me honest.

Where do you find all those funky 1970s ads?

As to those funky 1970s ads, if we’re friends on Facebook, or if you like my author page

you’re treated to (is treated the right word? Maybe tortured???) pictures of 70s interiors, clothing, advertising and people. I find those pics on the internet. The truth is, for a television show to hold my interest, it must have a plot. A second truth is that my husband loves watching football, college basketball, baseball, and even golf. If there are sports on television, I’m trolling the internet for pictures that make me smile or remember or cringe. And then I share them...


Julie Mulhern is the USA Today bestselling author of The Country Club Murders

She is a Kansas City native who grew up on a steady diet of Agatha Christie. She spends her spare time whipping up gourmet meals for her family, working out at the gym and finding new ways to keep her house spotlessly clean--and she's got an active imagination. Truth is--she's an expert at calling for take-out, she grumbles about walking the dog and the dust bunnies under the bed have grown into dust lions. 

Look for book five in the Country Club Murders in May, 2017.


  1. This was a great blog -- thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice, Julie, and I would like the dill dip too. :)