Thursday, January 26, 2017

Clicking Our Heels - Pets We Would Pick

Clicking Our Heels – If We Could Have Any Animal as a Pet, What We Each Would Pick

 Sparkle Abbey: That’s a difficult question for us because we both have households with pets.  We’ve mostly had cats and dogs through the years…or the occasional fish.  It’s easier to say what we would never want as pets – spiders, snakes and bats.

Jennae Phillippe:  While completely impractical, I think I would love to live with a giant panda. I did have a friend who had a raccoon as a pet, and I always thought that was pretty cool, too. Although considering how much my cat keeps me on my toes, I am not sure I could handle a more demanding pet.

Bethany Maines: Let’s face it, dogs are the best pets – they have the matching factors of cute, I’d have a polar bear.  We would go on adventures and scare unwanted door to door salesmen.

Paula Gail Benson:  I would like to have a mythical animal pet, like a unicorn.  I could ride it, talk to it, and admire its beauty, while it could take care of any physical needs it might have, like for nourishment and rest.  And, being mythical, it could be immortal.

Kay Kendall:  I need a fictional animal – a unicorn.  I was horse crazy as a girl but was allergic to horse dander and to hay. I figure a unicorn would have no dander, no smell, not need to eat. Perfect. And beautiful too.

Paffi Flood: If could have any animal as a pet, it’s be an elephant. I just love elephants.

Kimberly Jayne: There are so many to choose from! For different reasons, I’d love to have pandas, goats, meerkats, and koalas.  They’re all cuddly and funny to watch, like cats whom I could watch all day. Fortunately, they’re not really good pets (except for some goats), or I’d spend all my time messing with my exotic pets instead of writing my books!

Linda Rodriguez: If my city would allow it, I’d own a pygora goat.  They’re cute, small, easy to handle, and affectionate, and they bear cashmere quality fiber that you can comb off them in the spring.  I’m a spinner and would love to have the fiber to use.

Dru Ann Love: A cat who would listen to me and give me insights into what life should be.

Cathy Perkins:  I’ve wanted a dragon ever since I was a kid and read (devoured) all of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern Stories.

Debra H. Goldstein: A puppy to cuddle.


  1. Cathy, I always wanted a dragon when I was a kid and read the McCaffrey books, too.

  2. Dogs, half a dozen lovable mutts! (And somebody to walk them during the winter!)

    Deb Romano