Thursday, June 23, 2016

Clicking Our Heels - What We Hate Most About Computers

Clicking Our Heels – What We Hate Most About Computers

I’ve had that kind of day! (Debra speaking) My computer ate my words written for the day before deciding frozen was the position it would like to be in. Even though I normally love computers, today, I asked my fellow Stiletto Gang members “What they hate most about computers?” Here’s what they said:
Dru Ann Love: The updates and how it messes with my settings.
Bethany Maines: The thing I hate most about computers is that I can’t punch them. I want to start a business selling nerf computer replicas that come with their own baseball bat.
Juliana Aragon Fatula: They aren’t faithful. I have a relationship with a new computer on average about once a year and they are unfaithful and I have to move on and go with a younger, newer model. Sometimes I hate the fact that they make me want to pick them p and throw them out the window or at the very least take a stiletto to the screen.
Kay Kendall: Just when I get used to and comfy with a program, the company that produces it changes it radically, then all the PCs move to favoring that, and then I have to learn the new program. It is invariably trickier and just does more things that I don’t really need. Annoying!

Jennae M. Phillippe: The update cycle. I’ll be fresh and excited to start working on a project, turn on the computer, and have to wait like 20 minutes for the thing to update. Or worse, I’ll be in mid-project which it does one of those mandatory shut down thingies. Totally throws me off.

Linda Rodriguez: I hate that some programs (I’m looking straight at you, Microsoft Word) try to make decisions for me that I want to make for myself.
Paffi Flood: Nothing, now that I have an Apple J.

Paula Benson: That computers understand so many things intuitively, except how to fulfill my needs.
Marilyn Meredith: What I hate most about computers is what I have to learn how to do something new – which seems to happen too often.
Sparkle Abbey: We don’t know what we do without computers. We work on them, we write on them and we use them to keep in touch with each other. We both think we’re pretty computer savvy, but there have been a couple of times when the computer has eaten a work in progress or not saved it correctly. That’s frustrating!

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