Wednesday, July 15, 2020


By Kay Kendall

 Most summers feature travel for many Americans, but not this one. So if you’re like me, you’re  at home, whiling away lots and lots of hours by reading—even more than usual. You’re also always looking for something fun, fast, furious, to take your mind far away from a fairly dismal time. Here’s my answer. Bullet Books Speed Reads are perfect to answer that need.
Bullet Books are a set of 12 novellas, original crime fiction
that can be read in two to three hours.
These are gripping mysteries and thrillers, real page turners for fans who want—no! NEED—to escape into a good read. See a full list here:

Only a Pawn in Their Game is the seventh book in the series. I wrote it with Manning Wolfe, originator of the Bullet Books project. The tale opens in another tense summer. It is 1989, and Eastern Europe is coming apart at the seams. The metaphorical Iron Curtain hangs  in tatters, and the REAL Berlin Wall is quaking. Emotions run high in international diplomatic circles--and SPY circles too. Into this hot cauldron of intrigue we drop our protagonist, Ms. Sammy Strauss, a grad student from Houston. 

Sammy expects a carefree summer during her internship at the United States Embassy in Vienna. However … competing spy rings clash in desperation and threaten her life. Every beautiful Strauss waltz she hears seems to accompany a murder. She even questions the ardent attentions of the handsome stranger she meets on the flight from Texas to Austria. Is he really what he seems—heading for romance—or is he actually using her as a pawn?  She must figure out who’s playing their waltz tune before the dangerous dance ends badly. (See the book trailer here )

Now, just between us, here’s a little secret. Only a Pawn in Their Game introduces a new character who will feature in my next full-length Austin Starr mystery. Yes, Ms. Sammy Strauss will pop up as a love interest for a relative of Austin Starr. That Sammy Strauss does get around! So please stay tuned.

Finally, here are even more great options for your summer reading pleasure. Six of the 12 talented Bullet Books Speed Reads authors also published other books in 2019. In calendar order, these written by my colleagues and me are:

The Book Artist (Hugo Marston 8) by Mark Pryor – Bullet Books #4

After You’ve Gone: An Austin Starr Mystery Prequel by Kay Kendall – Bullet Books #7
Denim, Diamonds and Death: Bouchercon Anthology 2019 co-authored by Laura Oles – Bullet Books #10
From the Grave (An Edward Hall Case Book 2) by Jay Brandon– Bullet Books #6
The Eyes of Texas: Private Eyes from the Panhandle to the Piney Woods co-authored by Scott Montgomery – Bullet Books #9
A Cinnabar Sky: A Hunter Kincaid Mystery by Billy Kring – Bullet Books #2

Do yourself a favor and sink your teeth into one of these crime fiction offerings.
Kay Kendall writes the Austin Starr Mystery series that captures the spirit and turbulence of the 1960s. The amateur sleuth exploits are told in Desolation Row, Rainy Day Women, and After You’ve Gone.
Her Bullet BookOnly a Pawn in Their Game, introduces a new character that will be featured in her series.
Kay’s degrees in Russian history and language help ground these tales in the Cold War, and her titles show she’s a Bob Dylan buff too. 
She is a winner of two Silver Falchion awards, a past member of the national board of Mystery Writers of America and president of its southwest chapter, and was a contributing editor to The Big Thrill, the online monthly magazine of International Thriller Writers. 

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  1. Haven't read these yet, Kay. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the tip!