Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Clicking Our Heels: Rainbows in Our Lives

Clicking Our Heels – Rainbows in Our Lives

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2019 is here! We hope for everyone it will be a wonderful year, but the reality is that sometimes there will be cloudy days. Talking among ourselves, we wondered what, on a cloudy day, would bring a rainbow into each of our lives?

Linda Rodriguez – My husband’s smile. A silky fiber to spin in a beautiful colorway. My goofy dog. My great kids. Good friends out in the cyber world and here in my own town.

Bethany Maines – My dog, Kato. And chocolate. And yeah…OK, my family. They’re pretty cute too.

Shari Randall – A hug from my husband. A call from my kids. The hundreds of small pleasures that surround us every day – the smell of coffee brewing, birdsong, a message from an old friend, laughter. And Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.

TK Thorne – Smiles from my husband, a cuddle from our pug, and writing something. Today I woke up and wrote a poem about the Parker solar probe launch. It’s a good feeling to have created something that might touch others. Even if it doesn’t, it is still a wondrous act to make an ephemeral thought into something “real.”

Paula Gail Benson – Having the opportunity to read a good author, drink a fragrant cup of tea, and
indulge in a rich dark chocolate!

AB Plum – Brian Andreas, the genius behind amazing stories on greeting cards, posters, prints, etc. always brings a rainbow on those days when I need one most.

Dru Ann Love – Looking out the window and seeing a rainbow lets me know that more adventures are out there for the taking.

Judy Penz Sheluk – A good book. A walk with my dog. Writing without interruption.

JM Phillippe – Simple pleasures can always be found. I have been enjoying little things, like sitting down to a well-prepared meal, seeing a funny picture of a friend’s child or pet, or hearing something funny from people passing by my house-little moments of joy and laughter are pretty easily had. It’s sometimes hard to see them though in the midst of dark days.

Kay Kendall – Talking to friends always makes me happy. I am not picky about the way of doing it either. Face to face, on the phone, by text, email, or Facebook-any method of communication is fine with me. I will go with whichever my friend prefers since I love them all. I get rainbows in my life by reaching out to connect. I try to do that in my fiction writing as well.

Cathy P. Perkins – My husband and kids can always make me smile. Others? Walking through our
woods, listening to the river mummer and the birds sing. Watching the dogs romp. Opening the kiln on a glass experiment. Sitting with friends, sharing good food and wine. Looking for the rainbow rather than the clouds.

Juliana Aragon Flatula – Helping someone and then years later they remember how you were there when they needed help and they tell you thank you. Thirty years ago I helped my son’s friend, Donovan, fill out financial aid papers to enroll in college. I spoke with him on the phone recently and he told me how much he appreciated my help and how it made a difference in his life getting a college education. That made my day.

Julie Mulhern – I am blessed with very few inclement days. When the clouds do roll in, I need only look at my family for a rainbow.

Debra H. Goldstein – Watching a child reason; seeing a smile shared; loving and being loved.


  1. New Year... thanks for the rainbows of this blog....

  2. Happy New Year!
    The rainbows in my life is my daily phone call with my sister, my two handsome cats, Hamilton and Jefferson, and a good book to read.

  3. At this moment, I would add, starting to eat (soft) solid foods after a month-and-a-half of illness that left me imbibing only soups and hot liquids. The food we eat is a pleasure we too often take for granted.