Thursday, February 25, 2016

CLICKING OUR HEELS - Raw or Cooked Carrots?


Raw or Cooked Carrots?

Welcome to The Stiletto Gang's newest feature – Clicking Our Heels. Each month, on the Fourth Thursday, a number of our bloggers will share their opinions on the same question. Hopefully, after reading CLICKING OUR HEELS you will learn some new things about all of us.
When Debra attended the University of Michigan, entering freshmen were given a personality/general info type test. The odd question on the test - Do you prefer raw or cooked carrots? Here are some of our responses:
Bethany Maines: “I definitely prefer raw. The snap and crunch of fresh veggies is much preferable to the mush of cooked.”
Linda Rodriguez: “I prefer them raw, although I do enjoy a good carrot chowder now and then, and of course, cooked with a roast of beef or pork.”

Juliana Aragon Fatula: “Raw. I grow carrots and eat them fresh from the earth. They are sweet and taste like love.”

Marilyn Meredith: “Cooked carrots. I like to doctor them with butter and brown sugar.”

Dru Ann Love: “I like shredded carrots in my salad and cooked carrots with a crunch.”

Cathy Perkins: “Raw! Cooked carrots are down there with boiled okra for nastiness.”

Sparkle Abbey: “Definitely raw and the best part is you can always share this healthy snack with your dog.”

Paffi Flood: “Cooked carrots. Roasted, actually. Nothing compares to its sweetness.”

Jennae M. Phillippe: “I prefer roasted carrots, usually accompanied by roasted potatoes and garlic. And butter. Lots and lots of butter.”

Kay Kendall: “I like both cooked and raw carrots. Each has its charms.”

What Michigan interpreted the question as showing:  Raw carrot types were energetic, aggressive and had go-getter personalities while the cooked carrot camp was made up of kinder, sweeter, and more passive students.  We’ll let you guess how Debra answered the question. 


  1. Cooked with pot roast or steamed and mashed with steamed turnips. Does the test imply that energetic people are willing to expend energy needed to chew raw carrots, and that passive people are a bit on the lazy side? I'll admit to being lazy and passive, but when it comes to carrots, I just don't like how raw carrots taste.

  2. I'm sure youmust have been one of us who like both, Debra, since you're such a go-getter and yet such a sweet person.