Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Slowing Down, Yes I am by Marilyn Meredith

People are always asking where I get my energy. The answer is, I'd like to know where to get some of it back.

Yes, I am slowing down, which I suppose is to be expected when you pass the 80 milestone.

I must say inside I still feel young, but when I have to choose between shopping or staying home, staying home usually wins. I do still grocery shop every week but shopping for fun is a thing of the past. Oh I am still tempted when I got into Kohl's to look at the clothes--though I certainly don't need any.

I never wore stilettos and I gave up high heels around the age of 60 plus. I still like good-looking shoes, but they need to be comfortable.

Going to every Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon once was a must. Hubby and I traveled all over the country to attend and visited many states we'd never have even though to going to otherwise. While Mayhem in the Midlands was still going strong, we went to everyone of those too. (How I miss that one and all the friends I made there.) We also squeezed in a few others at times, like Killer Nashville and Love is Murder.

Last year, I attended Left Coast Crime because it was in Monterey and a friend drove us.

One I haven't missed for years is the Public Safety Writers Association's conference in Las Vegas, also driveable, and I'm going to be one of the presenters in July. Right now I have no plans to attend any others. The big reason is flying and rushing from one place to another to change planes is not something I want to do anymore. Another reason is the expense.

What I haven't given up is writing two books a year. My next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, Violent Departures is scheduled to debut in April, and I'm busy working on the next still untitled Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. It isn't as easy to do this as it once was, but I'm not giving up yet--I love my characters to much to do that.

I will be doing some closer to home events, interacting with readers is always something I enjoy.

And remember folks, I have a huge family--four adult kids, 18 grandkids and 15 great-grands--and the number keeps growing. Spending time with family is always top priority.

Is there anything you've decided to give up? Or are you all still full of energy? What are you looking forward to doing most in 2015?

Marilyn who is also known as F.M. Meredith.


  1. Marilyn,
    Keeping busy keeps you young. Really enjoyed your blog today. . . even though I'm a bit younger than you, I can still relate to slowing down.

  2. Thanks, Pam. What I'm finding is that I can't accomplish nearly as much as I used to--kind of run out of steam after noon. That's why I get up so early.

  3. Since you aren't traveling as much, I guess we'll just have to come uip and visit you! Still discussing attending PSWA.

    1. Flying just doesn't work for me anymore. Nor driving in So. Cal. I hope you do come to PSWA.

  4. Marilyn, you're not really slowing down as much as you are prioritizing where you spend your energy. You're still writing two books a year and doing big blog tours, and you still attend some conferences and present. You're just putting some of the energy you used to put into extra conferences into your growing family. Good choice, I think.