Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Computers--Love 'Em and Hate 'Em

When I think back to when I first started writing and used a typewriter and carbon paper--I love my computer.

When I'm having problems with my computer--like right now--I hate it. I'm writing this on my iPad because my computer won't start. I'm taking it in to the repair shop, but this is due in the a.m. I had a whole different post planned, complete with photos, bur I can't access those particular photos with this cool little instrument.

Of course there's plenty of work I need to be doing because I was away from home this weekend and the work tends to pile up.

Besides writing posts for blogs, I have some documents I need to send to people, and I can't access them from here. So frustrating.

I did purchase a new editing program before the problem and perhaps that did it. I'm not smart enough to know. Though I do have a back-up program it only does it once every 24 hours, so it won't be backed up.

This is my post for today--and yes, I am frustrated.When next you hear from me, hopefully my computer will be well.


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  1. It wasn't the editing program, but another one that I'd purchased which ended up being the culprit.