Monday, October 28, 2013


By Dru Ann Love

One of the things I love about living on the East Coast is we get to celebrate all four seasons. My favorite are Spring and Fall. It’s not too hot like Summer and it’s not too cold like Winter. Spring and Fall seasons give you the nice in between.

What I like most about Fall is the changing of the leaves. A walk in the part will have you staring at the lovely colorful leaves as they fall to the ground. When I was younger, I loved when they were all gathered in a pile and we got to jump smack dab in the middle of it. Did you do that as a youngster? Could I do that now, no way, first I couldn’t jump in in and second I would not be able to get up. But I do remember the freedom it gave me.

Fall is also good weather to sit in a chair, wrapped in a blanket and read the next scintillating mystery that have you in goose bumps, especially if it’s the latest thriller set at Halloween.

Speaking of Fall, there’s the two holidays: Halloween where there is no excuse for eating that Snicker bar, that Hershey kiss, that Dove bar, that jawbreaker (yeah, like that’s going to happen), that tootsie roll pop and especially Brach’s candy corn (accept no substitution, because Brach’s is the best). Best of all, you can also dress anyway you want and not be criticize…a mummy, sure; a superhero, sure; a Agatha Christie, solve that puzzle; a zombie, go for it; you can be anybody and have you fill of it.

Then there is Thanksgiving where you are given permission to eat all the food that the dieticians and/or nutritionist say you shouldn’t eat during the rest of the year. Want that turkey leg? Have at it. Want a thick slab of baked ham? Go for it. Want some dressing with gravy? Pour it over your food. Some macaroni salad? Put that scoop on your plate. Rice? Yep. Collard Greens? Put it right next to the white rice. Cranberry Sauce? Put it in that spot, right there. Candied Yams? Make sure to give me a slice of that pineapple. Baked macaroni and cheese? You betcha.

Then there’s dessert. Apple pie? Slice it up, please. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting? A thin slice, please. I don’t know where I have the room to eat it. Ice Cream? Right between my pie and cake. And don't forget the pumpkin pie to go with my cup of hot beverage. And then Thanksgiving is over and now I can sleep for a week.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?


  1. I love the fall weather, the harvest food, sure. But the diminishing sunshine, having to wear shoes and socks, and those dead flowers always make me miss summer. Harder to be optimistic when I can feel that nasty winter coming. I'm counting on you to cheer me up with your positive posts. :)

  2. I love the fact that nature seems to go insane with color: a last hurrah before the starkness of winter. It also tends to make me break into flowery prose :) Oh! and dark thick stockings covering so-so legs rule the days.
    Sarah H

  3. This is going to sound very very strange. My favorite part of fall is that the birds are no longer living in the tree that is right over my parking spot in my building's parking lot. I was forced to spend $70.00 getting a full car cover just to protect the finish from their "gifts".

    Hopefully before next summer I can find a way to swap out my spot with some unsuspecting person in one of the other buildings. LOL

  4. It's cooler, which I like. The kids have gone back to school, so there is less noise from next door. Fresh Macintosh apples!

  5. I love a lot about the fall, mostly the colors of the leaves, and the skies and certainly the food. All I do know is that I'm really hungry right now :)

  6. Dru,

    You hit upon all my favorite parts of Fall, the changing leaves, the yummy foods, the chance to dress up for Halloween! Great post that brought back a lot of good memories and made me so hungry for thanksgiving!

  7. One Thanksgiving at my grandmothers, she had 3 kinds of pie, a cake and ice cream + toppings. Grand dad asked for 2 kinds of pie, her son asked for all 3; she then stated that the dessert buffet would open shortly in the kitchen.

  8. I love that we finally got rain after a dry spring and summer. And I don't love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't mind it.