Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Better Late Than Not Getting Here at All

Yes, I did forget this was my day to post--but I had a sort of good reason.

I've been on a blog tour--one I planned myself--and things have been a bit chaotic.

Though I asked each blog host to email me when they received my post to email me back--and they did--when the time came for me to be on their blog--several had forgotten. One host couldn't figure out how to post everything.

Right when the tour started, I traveled to Woodstock with my publisher. It was a road trip, from Central California to Portland OR. Beautiful scenery but not an easy drive. We arrived on the second day in time to set up our booth--not easy and probably more than I should have been doing. The next day we manned the booth, talked to a lot of people and sold a few books. That evening I had a big problem with my heart. It finally settled down and I was able to sleep.

The next day, more manning the booth, then at 4 we broke it down and hauled everything back to the car. We had a nice dinner, spent the night and got up early and headed back down through Oregon and he long, long state of CA, finally stopping for the night. We finally arrived home in mid-afternoon.

All during that time, I promoted my book tour as best I could on my iPad when I was able to get a wifi connection.

The following Friday I spoke to a book club and on Saturday hubby and I drove to Fresno (about an hour and 45 minutes way) for a book event in a really nice bookstore. That was fun. Sold some books. Had a great dinner and came home.

Last night I had some heart issues again. Went to the doc's this a.m. Had an EKG and some blood tests, waiting on the results and have another doc apt. on Thursday.

Was supposed to do a big event on Saturday, but I've decided this old gal needs to slow down. I've always been used to going like a house afire--but it's time to recognize that I can't do that anymore.

I'll have to think of some tamer things to do to promote the latest in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series: Spirit Shapes.

If you like tales about haunted houses, ghosts and evil spirits--and even angels and demons, you'll enjoy Spirit Shapes.



  1. I hope you're ok. I'm of an age, and I know how our bodies talk to us.

  2. I love that drive from California to Oregon. But I know it can be pretty taxing. Hope you're feeling better.

  3. I'm just popping in to say I'm glad you're feeling better and I will stay tuned for more news! take care of yourself - you're an inspiration to many of us and I'm at the head of that line. <3