Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Blessing and the Scary Part of Having a Big Family

We have been blessed by four new great-grandchildren in the last four years.

Jaslyn who is now 4 (she's named after her daddy, Jason)

Justice, Jaslyn's baby brother

These two charmers belong to granddaughter, Merenda, and I don't get to see them often enough.

Aleena was just born a week and a half ago, nearly 9 pounds. All went well, until she came home from the hospital. She spiked a fever and had to be rushed back to the hospital. She was dehydrated, not getting enough milk. She, mama and daddy spent two days and two nights while the doctor's ran all sorts of tests.
Granddaughter, Jessica, lives all the way in North Carolina. I can tell you we all did lots of praying.

This picture was taken when she got back home. She looks as happy as I'm sure her mommy and daddy were.

The next week, great grandson, Julius (I year) had to have an operation to take a cyst off his forehead.
Julius before his surgery

In the recovery room
When he woke up all he wanted was his daddy and his bottle.

His daddy, Nick, is the grandson we raised from age 11 to 22.

Julius is doing fine now. But again, it was a lot of trauma for a one week period. We get to see Julius a lot, and he's a tough little guy.

All together we have 13 great-grandchildren. The eldest is 19. Lots of blessing.



  1. Marilyn, what lovely great-grandkids! Big families can be such blessings, but they're harder to support in economic downtimes, and if having one child is giving a hostage to fortune, having a large family is that multiplies. I'm so glad that you're winning over misfortune with yours. I come from a big family, the oldest, and I know both sides of the coin. Bless you with your big heart that holds all these kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkids within!

  2. Hi, Linda, fortunately, so far the blessing outweigh the bad times--but I do know what you mean about economic downtimes, we've helped out financial when possible and do a tremendous amount of praying.


  3. Wow. What a beautiful group of kids!!! I'm glad things turned out fine!