Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More About Weddings

Ever since attending grandson's wedding, I've been thinking a lot about the weddings in my past.

Guess who? October 24, 1951 and yes, it's me and my husband. We were married in the minister's home with my mother and my husband's dad as witnesses. Afterwards, we went back to new husband's grandmother and maiden aunt's home (where he grew up) for wedding cake. My dress was blue velvet (looks purple in the photo) and I had a blue hat with a veil.

When my eldest daughter got married we didn't have the money to put on a huge wedding--but we did have a really nice wedding and reception because we did it all ourselves.

Daughter found a wedding dress pattern and some lovely satin material. She was afraid to cut the material so after she pinned the pattern I cut it out. She did a great job actually sewing it. For her bridesmaids and flower girl she found some light green material with daisy's embossed on it. She helped everyone make their dresses. Her best friend was maid of honor, a sister and another friend a bridesmaid, and her youngest sister was the flower girl and her little brother, the ring bearer. The girls carried daisy's we picked from a neighbor's yard in baskets we bought at a thrift store. Her other brother was one of the grooms' men along with the groom's friends. I made the flowers for the men from rosebuds in our garden.

The ceremony was performed by a Navy chaplain in the chapel on the base. (Hubby was still a Seabee at that time and we lived about a  block from the base.)

A neighbor made the wedding cake. We had the reception in our family room and outside in the back yard.
Guess who prepared all the food? Yep, me. I don't even remember what all I fixed, I just know it was enough to feed about 50 people.

I had practice though, I'd done the same things for this same daughter's graduation from high school that same summer.

After that I went on to make the wedding feasts for the other two girls--and for the two boys' weddings too.

When my daughter told me she was having her son's rehearsal dinner at her house I said, "Oh, you're following in my footsteps and preparing the meal." She's a really good cook.

She laughed. "Are you kidding? I'm having the meal catered."

Looking back, it amazes me that I did all that--but when you don't have any money and we sure didn't, you do what you can. I don't think any of the kids felt deprived.

When my granddaughter got married a year and a half ago--her mother-in-law to be prepared all the food for a huge crowd. Fortunately, she had lots of relatives who helped her.

So there are all different ways to do it--all I hope is that everyone's marriage last as long as mine has.

Marilyn, who promises to write about something else next time.


  1. A wedding is one of the most romantic and memorable days of everyone life. It is important that your wedding dress is perfect so that you look stunning for your big day. You can help of dress designer about the dress which is comfortable and also you look attractive on it.

  2. I think small quaint weddings are the best. I actually tend to think that those who spend less time being concerned with how big and ostentatious the wedding should be stand a better chance at actually staying married. I guess I’m of the school of thought that a couple should be putting less emphasis on the superficial stuff and be more invested in the relationship itself.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree that small wedding can be great as well as the big extravagazas and putting emphasis on the relationships. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I think small weddings have a charm to them that big weddings can't begin to capture. With a big family, we kind of had to have a large wedding, but while it was lovely, I still look back and regret not having time to really talk to those in attendance.

    I loved your dress!!!! Your wedding photo is fabulous.

    1. Our family has grown and grown. I feel sorry for the kids who are planning big weddings. What an expense. But I love to go to weddings, big or small.

  4. I agree with the other comments. I think that one of the reasons why you have had a happy and successful marriage is because you weren't all focused on the "wedding day". The old saying,"A Wedding is a day but a marriage is a lifetime" is true. Too much money, time and energy are spent on extravagant events and too little thought is put into what comes after the day is over and the life together begins. Good for you and your daughter for realizing what is important. And keep writing about your wedding and your life, you are fascinating!